• My name is Altagracia Indara I am 36 years old and have a beautiful baby of two years. I have been an overweight person from my childhood, from a very young age my mother took great pains to help me lose weight taking me to see professionals in different areas of health, from nutritionists, to pediatricians and endocrinologists but nothing changed. During my adolescence with arduous and strict diets I lost 10 or 15 pounds and very quickly gained 15 or 20 pounds back.
  • My name is Juan Francisco García Toral and I am 32 years old. Until 8 months ago I was suffering from morbid obesity, weighing 391 pounds with a body mass index of 50.2. From age 18 I tried to fight being overweight, trying all kinds of diets, popping pills and doing exercise routines. It was a constant struggle to lose weight quickly, but I acquired it back in even less time. The exercise was not a problem for me, but such was the amount of food I ate, the exercises were never enough to maintain the right weight for my height.
  • My name is Themissis Valdez I am 23 years old and I belong to a family of 8 brothers. I am the only member of my family who has suffered from obesity. I am a student of dentistry.
  • My name is Wanda Contreras Ricart, and a year ago I became a woman who is completely happy and free from dieting! All my life I was chubby, even since childhood, and I was always controlling my diet and weight. I inherited obesity from my grandmother who was obese (400 lbs) and from my father.
  • Hola, mi nombre es Leocadia Javier, mi peso de antes era 208 libras, tenia aproximadamente 2 años luchando con el sobrepeso. Intentaba todas las dietas que me proponían y trataba de hacer ejercicio, pero no tenía la suficiente fuerza de voluntad para lograr lo que yo quería.