Obesity, Is it possible to leave it behind?

Dr. Pablo Garcia, general surgeon and specialist in bariatric surgery, affirms that this is a disease, not a weakness, and that it can be left behind with discipline and exercises.

SANTO DOMINGO. There are some tools to start having results for weight control and its loss in a definitive way, according to the recommendations of Dr. Pablo García, general surgeon and specialist in bariatric and metabolic surgery at the Dominican Medical Center.

Next, Dr. García presents eight steps that must be taken to leave this disease in the past.

1 Obesity should be understood as a disease: as is blood pressure, cancer or diabetes.

There are substances in the body that are indicators of demanding energy from each person and store it in the form of fat that will be elevated in the obese patient, which proves that this problem goes beyond the “will of the patient”, since definitely nobody wants being fat. Understanding that it is a disease, and not a weakness, we will face this problem from another angle.

2 If you want different results, start doing different things: The reality is that solutions will not come from nothing, if you want to change what is in your life today, act differently, prepare to change with your decision as a first step.

3 Learn about healthy weight loss options: The first step is to evaluate yourself with trained people to help you in the process; attend consultation with specialists in nutrition and endocrinology, or with bariatric surgeons, gym coaches or sports disciplines, that can take you by the hand in this process, everyone in your area of expertise.

4 Look for a sports discipline, hobbies and be pro exercise: One of the main goals is to increase the energy you spend daily. If you spend more than what you are giving for food, your body will be in need of using stored energy or stored in the form of fat and turn it into new fuel, causing a decrease in weight. Moving on hikes or bicycles, using stairs instead of elevators, are some options that make a big difference.

5 Healthier food: Learn to choose foods, initially we always recommend the supervision of a professional studied in nutrition (no theories of coaches or miracle diets). An initial practice can change the fried or breaded foods by roasts, boiled, baked or grilled, diminish or eliminate by complete the sweets, sugary drinks, soft drinks and sodas, flours, sausages, instead of taking natural juices prefer the fruit, as well You take less sugar and you get the fibers.

6 Create a habit: For an action such as eating healthy or exercising, taking a class, or doing some activity, it is said that you take it for 18 consecutive days. This could be your first goal, so exercise, eat healthy, dance, they will become part of your day to day without thinking about sacrifice.

7 Bariatric surgery: Currently, it is the most effective and lasting tool in time, if you think about this possibility, go to properly trained and certified surgeons. It is a procedure with 24 to 48 hours of internment, is done with minimal invasion, rapid recovery and short work leave, short-term results, with the possibility of losing about 20 to 30 pounds from the first month, between 9 months and 1 year have managed to approach your ideal weight. Low complication rate less than 4%. The great advantage is that, in addition to losing weight, it will improve all diseases related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, depression, allowing this year to start with a change to your healthy life.

8 Short Goals: In this process, get used to thinking only about “today”, take care that today you will fulfill your goal of healthy eating and exercise, one day at a time. You will see that with time you will have successfully traveled much of the way.

Losing weight is an achievable goal, “I think it’s one of the best decisions you could make, but in short, the most important thing in all cases is to change your lifestyle, start giving up the habits that led you to climb weight and focus on the goal, taking steps along the path of health “.