Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Pablo Garcia – Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery

Patients who have these procedures benefit from the same therapeutic benefits as those who have traditional open surgery, but with substantially less postoperative pain, fewer days in the hospital, faster recovery, and better cosmetic results.

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive alternative to open surgery that involves seeing into the belly with a small camera called a laparoscope.

Small openings in the abdominal cavity allow it to happen. An endoscope with an attached microcamera is inserted through a small incision in the longitudinal fold of the umbilicus, providing a panoramic image of the organs of the abdominal cavity on a monitor.

The laparoscope transmits an image of the inside organs to a display, allowing the surgeon to perform various surgical procedures while being guided by the image. The laparoscope magnifies the image many times its original size, giving a better view of the abdominal organs.

Dr. Pablo Garcia – Laparoscopic Surgery


When opposed to regular surgery, working this method has significant advantages. Because it necessitates less chopping:

  • Your scars are smaller.
  • You are able to leave the hospital sooner.
  • While the scars heal, you’ll have less pain and they’ll heal faster.
  • You are able to resume your regular activities sooner.
  • There’s a chance you’ll have less interior scarring.

Here’s an example.Traditional procedures may need you to stay in the hospital for a week or longer for colon surgery, with a total recovery time of 4 to 8 weeks. If you have laparoscopic surgery, you may only need to stay in the hospital for two nights and recuperate in two or three weeks. In addition, a shorter hospital stay is usually less expensive.

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Dr. Pablo Garcia – Laparoscopic Surgery

When is the best time to have a laparoscopic surgery?

Although its most common and well-known application is biliary vesicular surgery, the technique’s development has led to its application in a wide range of diseases and conditions. Ciruga de reflujo gastroesofágico, estómago, obesidad, diverticulitis, ciruga de enfermedad hepática, bazo, suprarrenales glándulas

It’s also used to assess politraumatized patients, hernias inguinales, a swollen abdomen, fetal pediátric surgery, vascular and gynecological surgery, and so on.

The following are the most common indications:

  • Digestive cirugia.
  • Ginecológica surgery.
  • Pediatric surgery.
  • Vascular surgery…
Dr. Pablo Garcia – Laparoscopic Surgery

How do I prepare for a laparoscopy?

Please follow these guidelines before coming to the hospital for your laparoscopy:

  • Do not eat, drink (including water) or smoke after midnight the day before your surgery.
  • Wear low-heeled shoes the day of surgery. You might be drowsy from the anesthesia and unsteady on your feet.
  • Do not wear jewelry. (Wedding rings may be worn.)
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing. You will have some abdominal tenderness and cramping after surgery.
  • Remove any nail polish before surgery.
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Every surgery we offer can provide safe and effective weight loss. Find the best option for your lifestyle and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laparoscopic

Laparoscopic, open, and vaginal surgery all carry the same risks. It’s always possible that the surgeon won’t be able to complete the treatment laparoscopically and will need to make a wider incision. The risks of bleeding, infection, and damage to the bladder, bowel, blood vessels, and ureters are all minor. Any operation carries the risk of unanticipated complications as well as the possibility of death, which is extremely rare.

You will be requested to arrive early on the day of surgery to meet members of our nursing and anesthesia teams. They’ll start your IV and discuss the operation with you and your surgeon before obtaining your consent. Pneumatic stockings are used to massage your legs and avoid blood clots during surgery. Antibiotics may be given to prevent infection, or a catheter may be put after you are unconscious, depending on the surgery.

This is normally done on a case-by-case basis, depending on the surgery and the patient. Following surgery, the majority of patients require pain medication for one week. Intercourse, bathing, douching, intense activity, or heavy lifting (above 15 lbs.) should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. Many patients prefer to return to work after two weeks if their job does not require physical exertion..

Yes, coordination of other procedures, commonly bladder procedures for incontinence, can be performed.