Elipse intragastric balloon

The gastric balloon also known by the name of intragastric balloon; it is a bariatric procedure; restrictive, non-surgical, for weight loss. Therefore, this technique does not include open surgery or laparoscopy. In reality, it is an object made of a soft silicone that is placed on the stomach; introducing it through the mouth. In addition, it is important to note that the material is expandable and once placed it is filled with saline solution.

What is Elipse intragastric balloon?

The Elipse balloon is one of the greatest medical aesthetic advances to treat cases of overweight or obesity.

Unlike what happens with traditional gastric balloons, in which you have to undergo two endoscopies and a previous sedation, the intragastric balloon is ingestible so you will not need surgery or anesthesia for its placement.

Elipse is a capsule-shaped device that, after swallowing it, will be placed in your gastric cavity and will generate a constant feeling of satiety on your body to help you significantly reduce your appetite. It is important to follow healthy lifestyle habits and personalized nutritional plans to obtain the best possible results in a short period of time.

Function and Objectives:

With this treatment you will lose weight without making great efforts that could harm your mood and health. Totally valid and recommended for cases such as overweight or obesity, with the Elipse balloon it is possible to avoid the appearance of pathologies derived from weight problems such as cholesterol, type II diabetes or arterial hypertension, thanks to the action of the intragastric balloon.

  • Weightloss.
  • Reduction or elimination of pathologies derived from overweight such as: cholesterol, type II diabetes, arterial hypertension, among others.
  • Physical improvement.
  • Optimal state of health, physical and mental.

Como puedes observar, este tratamiento es uno de los más completos del sector para tratar casos de obesidad ya que no solo te ayudará a mejorar tu salud física y mental, sino que te permitirá obtener de manera sencilla tu peso ideal.

Duration of Effect:

From the moment you swallow it, the Elipse Balloon will remain in your stomach for 4 months. After this period, you will expel it naturally through excretion, so it is not necessary to undergo invasive extraction methods as with the traditional balloon.

It is recommended that during the time that the Elipse Ball is in your body you follow an adequate nutritional plan, accompanied in turn by physical exercises. In this way, in addition to quickly obtaining your ideal weight, you will incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into your routine that will help you maintain the results obtained over time.


After 4 months of ingestion, a minimum loss of 10 kg and a maximum of 25 kg is guaranteed, which will vary depending on your habits.

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